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West Seattle Blog

Founded in 2005 by the wife and husband team of Tracy Record and Patrick Sand, the West Seattle Blog is easily one of the most watched, talked about and celebrated hyperlocal news sites in the country. It epitomizes the idea of “regular people” working amazingly hard to cover everything that moves in their community.

Record, who handles content, was a pioneer in digital news at the Walt Disney Internet Group and KOMO-TV. She quit her job as news director at KCPQ-TV to work more than full time for WSB. Patrick, who handles sales, has been in ad sales for more than 25 years and was also a pioneer in Internet advertising. They list their content collaborators as EVERYONE in West Seattle.

The Journalism Accelerator is not responsible for the content we post here, as excerpts from the source, or links on those sites. The JA does not endorse these sites or their products outright but we sure are intrigued with what they’re up to.