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A slick tool to assess Seattle media brands’ “social index,” the Newsdex helps efficiently compare organizations serving Seattle’s media market.

Seattle Newsdex

Gary Love and Chuck Taylor’s brainchild, Seattle Newsdex,“aims to measure the size of the ‘social brands’ of metro Puget Sound news outlets and other information-disseminating media.”

Determining a news or information channel’s net worth has changed significantly in recent years. Understanding the degree of engagement each channel has with its audience provides an important strategy for news producers to better evaluate their impact with unique audiences. Social media has both disrupted and enriched the field.

When setting ad rates or considering the creation of ad networks to boost an advertiser’s reach, knowing the market advantage provided to an advertiser goes a long way. Seattle Newsdex is working to help the news market better understand a wider range of indicators that point to the impact unique news and information products provide.  Source: Journalism Accelerator

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