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How will Seattle’s vibrant news and information ecology sustain and grow its innovative chops?

Seattle: An Information Community Case Study by the New America Foundation

New America Foundation

“Seattle has been at the center of an explosion of alternative news outlets, especially online, which has created a critical mass of information portals for geographic and social communities.”

This comprehensive write up offers an inventory of demographics, emerging channels, new players in the field, evolution of existing leaders, economic, technological, operational, public information access, place-based media markets, and policy implications.

The piece asks in conclusion: “Do [Seattle’s] citizens and communities have all the information they want and need?” This helpful “lay of the land”, released in June 2010, was written by Jessica Durkin Tom Glaisyer, and Kara Hadge for the New America Foundation.

The foundation’s Media Policy Initiative is informed by fellows and staff who research, analyze, and promote policies that advance the public good.

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