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Pitching an easy paywall platform. The pitch? The ability for you to run the dashboard with eight types of content to sell and eight different ways to sell it. What would your community choose?

Press+ Connecting content with commerce

Journalism has always depended on modest payments by consumers, and the industry must re-adopt this model as it becomes clear that online advertising revenue alone does not sustain robust, independent journalism at newspapers, magazines, or online publications. Everyone, from readers to reporters, is facing the consequences as news organizations of all kinds are forced to cut back…

Press+ powers targeted e-commerce strategies – such as metering, segmented content, and topic-based packages – that will convert your most engaged readers into paid subscribers without turning away casual visitors.” Source:

“Press+ is an RR Donnelley company that is pioneering flexible, sophisticated e-commerce solutions for publishers – and easy-to-use, time-saving services for readers.

Press+ was founded by three veteran digital-media leaders: Steven Brill, founder of The American Lawyer magazine and Court TV; L. Gordon Crovitz, a former Wall Street Journal publisher; and Leo Hindery, Jr., who has led the San Francisco Chronicle, AT&T Cable and YES Network. Under their leadership, the company launched Press+ in 2010.
It’s all about helping publishers around the world reclaim their business on the Web.” Source:

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