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In the “age of Darwinian content” media analyst Ken Doctor probes the economics of journalism with insights so sharp Nieman and others cite his writing and source his findings.

Newsonomics: How the emerging business of digital news shapes what we read and know

[I]t’s never been more true: a book is a snapshot. I’m glad I got the opportunity to write the Newsonomics book. It gave me a couple of months to step back from the sometimes-maddening pace of the 24/7 Twitter-driven news world and think about the big, impactful trends driving what the news itself is becoming, what we all will be able to read, hear and see.

With the book now being published [2010], I’m launching It’s my effort to build on the trends driving daily change in the press, and help me keep track of them, and how they relate to each other. As I keep track, I hope is helpful to you in keeping track as well. I’ve thought about what keeping track means, and the site design, ably done by Randa Clay, reflects that:

  • 5Spot: My new quick-take, mostly daily feature highlights what I think are top developments to note, and why, out of the daily torrent.
  • The Skinny: Here, I highlight data and quotes that we simply shouldn’t pass over too quickly; ones picked off the conveyor best of soundbites and reports. Some of the data will come from my Outsell work; some of it from other sources. Here, too, you’ll see writing from others in the industry I’ve tapped to contributed their deep and specific knowledge. To begin with, I’ve tapped two people on the money side of the biz. Some of you will recall AdMan from Content Bridges, an experienced (and anonymous) print ad executive, with a keen perspective on marketplace change. You’ll also now find “Ask the Agency Guy,” contributions from Tim Perlstein, a Director of Strategy at digital agency Razorfish. (Of course, his comments represent his personal views, and not necessarily those of Razorfish or its clients.)
  • Content Bridges: I’ve been writing my Content Bridges blog since 2005 and will continue to do so. The posts can still be found there, and on Newsonomics.
  • Touts: I point to top posts from familiar and unfamiliar places that I think contribute to our collective understanding. PermaTouts is my page pointing to key sites and bloggers who I think are must-reads.

Plus: It’s all searchable. That searchability comes in especially handy as we’ve added in five years of Content Bridges and Outsell posts as well.” Source: Newsonomics

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