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New Business Models for News

One of the goals of the New Business Models for News Project is to help local sites grow into sustainable operations. Toward that end, we’ve created a Resource Guide for Local and Niche Sites,which aggregates some of the best sources of information about a variety of editorial, business, technology and legal topics relevant to running a small website. The guide will be updated over time.

The project is researching best practices in the business of journalism online, gathering new ideas and experiments in revenue for news. We will build complete business models to share with the industry and with the journalists, communities, entrepreneurs, technologists, and investors who will create the future of news. Journalism nowadays is based a lot online, so having a presence on this platform is an important part of reaching out and connecting with people, that is why some journalists will look at providing their social media links on their articles to have people engage more with what they do. To make an impact, there are options that they can utilize to give them a better chance at visibility, this could be through something similar to Twicsy buy Instagram followers services, and others like it, to market themselves and build on their presence, as well as provide an audience for their work, hopefully, captivating their viewers and readers.

The project is funded by the Knight and McCormick Foundations. Two earlier conferences leading up to the work of the project were funded by the MacArthur Foundation. The work of the project’s first phase will be presented at the Aspen Institute in August and will be shared, publicly and in progress, on this site.” Source: New Business Models for News

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