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A deep dive into trends pushing publishers as digital demands rise, including research on revenue sources. Focused on magazines; content and financial gleanings inform other platforms.

Monetizing the Digital Revolution: Consumer Publishing and Media Industry Study & Special Report

Just when publishers thought their organizations had mastered their web site operations, now there are digital editions, apps, e-content, and social media to incorporate into traditional media mixes. As one publishing executive responded in the survey, “stay flexible because just when you think you have it figured out, it changes.”

Disruption from technology and the sheer number of options and models is resulting in this survey finding: only 4% of publishers feel their organization has its digital strategy fully-developed.
There are many strategic and tactical options. This study has quantified over 65 different digital and e-media priorities, services or initiatives provided to readers and advertisers. But there is uncertainty. Adding to the complexity is that, as one survey respondent wrote, “before you launch a new e-media product you need to start thinking about the next evolution of that product.”

…Any discussion or analysis of digital publishing eventually concerns revenues and costs. “Who’s making money online and how are they doing it?” have been key industry questions for many years. A key goal of this study has been to quantify the share of revenues from digital and how fast digital revenues are growing with an industry forecast.” Source: Report (pdf)

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