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An interactive map shows you new tweeps close to your network, helps you see who you interact with most frequently and easily track conversations going on now. Broad audience insight.


Mention Mapp is the perfect way to find relevant users by allowing you to discover who interacts the most with what you and they are talking about.

Mention Mapp works by uploading users’ tweets and displaying data visualizations of discussions between users  in clusters. The lines drawn between nodes [i.e., users, hashtags, images, etc.] become thicker if the users talked about each other more often. This draws the viewer’s attention to big discussions. Hovering over an edge also reveals the exact number of mentions.” Source: Clout Media (link no longer supported)

Every Twitter client out there gives you a list of your mentions. But to see the relationships between you and the people that you mention is time consuming and usually involves a lot of scrolling. Go one step further to try to trace the way that other people are connected to you and to other Twitter users by the conversations that they have and it becomes an impossible task.

Mentionmap is a sweet tool that not only allows you to see the people that you have the most conversations with but also the way that other Twitter users connect to you. Just enter any Twitter user name to be presented with a sweet interactive map of connections that you can explore. Source: The Next Web

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