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Tested reporting tools and tips to cover community emergencies from massive storms to outbreaks of violence. Find ways to mashup maps, efficiently use online sources, quickly verify social media.

Emergency Journalism: Toolkit for better and accurate reporting

Emergency Journalism is an initiative of the European Journalism Centre that brings together relevant news and resources for media professionals reporting in volatile situations. The website focuses on tools that use up-to-date digital technology, from content curation tools to multi-layered live maps, to support media coverage of emergencies such as natural disasters and political conflicts.

Every emergency is different, yet no matter the circumstances, there are tools that can help journalists during the newsgathering process, and when dealing with big data, limited resources and tight deadlines. Under such circumstances, accuracy, timeliness and quality content from journalists can ultimately contribute to effective relief and humanitarian response…

This website will help journalists to stay informed and updated on the topics that are related to emergency journalism in digital age.” Source: Emergency Journalism

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