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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: September 1 – September 30, 2011

How are community news startups building and sustaining their business online?
What do you know that might help community news site publishers like Andre Natta make the transition from a startup to a sustainable news business with staying power?

What is your exit strategy?
This is the first question the JA was asked by new media news business expert and consultant Rusty Coats. Rusty offers his take why this is one of the most important questions any news publisher will ever ask. Check out his blog post and share your point of view.

An interview with Mike Fancher, author of “Re-Imagining Journalism: Local News for a Networked World”
“The best news sources may very well exist outside of my newsroom…” Mike Fancher’s paper, 3 years in the making, distills key points into actionable possibilities in a recent interview with JA.

How Freelance Journalists Can Find Better Sources Through Online Searches
Check out this video for details on strategies to help journalists improve search results and streamline online research.

DiscoverText: A new Web-based text analytic toolkit
“Unlocking the power of text,” DiscoverText offers new analytic tools to mine text including eDiscovery, public comments, FOIA processing, research and more!

Using online tools and techniques to get a job in journalism: advice from the experts
A panelist of top notch journalists share tips how to build your professional brand online to advance your career and land gigs.

Twitter Tool For Journalists
Still in beta, released in the UK 8/2011, you can gain useful details on your content, its reach, follower counts and ID who may be most influential to tweet the link.

What Happens When AOL Finally Decides to Go Private?
When “AOLs dial-up revenue disappears, will the dial-up caterpillar transform itself into a Web-publishing butterfly?”

SXSW 2012: Electronic Frontier Foundation offers top panel picks
Sure it’s only September, but SXSW is already in full ramp up. EEF outlines a round up of issues and recommendations on panels you won’t want to miss.

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