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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: September 18 – October 6, 2012

Insights from Patch and Block by Block to ramp up – and fix – the local ad revenue model. Plus new thinking on networks on and offline for improving contributions, connections and impact.

Innovation in Journalism Goes Begging for Support
Writing that “the existential dilemma confronting media will require new answers” the NYT’s David Carr wonders why an innovative site won buzz but no money.

Metrics, metrics everywhere: How do we measure the impact of journalism?
A law changed? Or a long comment stream? “Ideally, a newsroom would have a…database connecting each story to both quantitative and qualitative indicators of impact.” You can start smaller.

6 Ways to Encourage User Contributions on Hyperlocal Sites
Tap into the 40% of adults who say they are “local news participators” with phone numbers, active personal outreach, and asking for what you want.

The Patch experiment: Don’t drink the Kool-Aid
A thoughtful analysis of the Patch prescription by an ex-insider. “The journalism is not broken…the sales side of the business is very, very, very broken.”

At Precipice, Hyperlocals Face $$$ Realities
Report from Block by Block 2012: “If ‘community’ was the hyperlocals’ old mantra, ‘revenue’ has now elbowed up to be a new one.”

Study: Smaller news websites depend more on social media for traffic than larger sites
Intriguing data and creative visualizations map publications’ interdependencies across one local news ecosystem.

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