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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: September 1 – September 17, 2012

Earning an “A” for revenue, an experiment and an explanation that might work for your local news site, and new survey results that value professional journalism over social referrals.

We need better entrepreneurial journalism courses. Here’s how to fix them.
Just in time for back-to-school, course concepts anyone in the news business might consider. Earn an A for picking a niche, studying success, building a vision and making money.

Survey: Public prefers news from professional journalists
“Digital content produced by professional journalists…has perceived value, but charging for access…will continue to present news organizations with a dilemma.”

Newspaper websites move in new direction
How one local news editor explained to readers why the site is starting a paywall.

Evening Edition, an afternoon paper for a mobile world
This daily digest, served right when many people want it, has a national/global focus. But why not try it locally?

Block-by-Blockers Respond to Borrell’s Revenue Prescription
Smart local publishers weigh in on controversial advice on how to generate revenue.

‘Thunderdome’ Takes Shape At Digital First
Journal Register editor-in-chief Jim Brady sets the compass for the company’s new centralization operations. “How many local stories can be produced…?” if national news is done centrally.


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