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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: August 12 – September 1, 2011

The Future of News: four different sources weigh in
High voltage thinkers’ recent works, compiled by Knight, offer deep thinking on new possibilities for journalism. in June: 13 blogs top 1 million page views
Summertime traffic siesta? LA Times thinks not. 160,877,197 page views in June mark the third-most-trafficked month in the site’s history.

Apple vs. Android: the way it may go down
At a pivotal crossroad, two mobile giants face off over IP.

The Guardian crowdsourcing experiment on coverage of London riots
Brilliant combo of live coverage, official information collected by the Guardian’s team, plus tweets, bloggers, videos and records sent by the crowd.

‘Promoted tweets’ coming to your timeline this summer
As Twitter raises even more money, a debrief how the social giant is getting more serious about making money.

Mediabistro summer boot camps, on and offline, combine journalism and technology courses
At the intersection of technology and journalism, Mediabistro lines up a series of classes for full-on power learning.

WeFollow: a top tweeters directory
Helpful tool to help you tap your social capital by way of sizing up the influence of others.

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