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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: October 7 – November 2, 2012

Tools to manage trolls, turning experts into journalists, and some evidence of the limits of sponsored content. Plus, how to consider news in subatomic particles.

Circa wants to rethink the way we consume the news on a sub-atomic level
As news consumption shifts to mobile devices, an experiment in repackaging content to optimize reader desire.

Comment Voting: Ars Technica’s new solution to shills and kooks
Sick of bad apples trolling? Check out tech-oriented website Ars Technica’s comment voting system, a tool to separate the good from the rotten.

Robert Steiner: In Toronto, we’re dumping the j-school model to produce a new kind of reporter
Teaching subject experts journalism instead of the other way around as a way to deepen news and spread knowledge. A model for publications to tap and train their own local expertise?

How to make your journalism project succeed on Kickstarter
Considering Kickstarter? Read this deep and practical assessment of specific challenges journalism projects face, plus tricks to ratchet up your chances of success.

Capitalist content: Forbes’ ad-sponsored stories stir controversy
In the search for new revenue partnerships, Forbes pushes the envelope on advertiser-sponsored stories , and learns controversy can come with cash.

The skills you need to become a better multimedia journalist
Ball State professor Jennifer George-Palilonis offers useful tips on tools, workflow and collaborative efforts needed to transform into a multimedia reporter.

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