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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: November 30 – December 14, 2012

Secrets to local news sharing, how liveblogs draw in daytime news readers, what journos really need to know about cell phone use. Plus paywalls, plagiarism and inspiring moves out of media.

A Journalist’s Quick Primer on Who Uses Cell Phones (and How)
“A big push in journalism right now? Mobile. An important piece of information for knowing how to make a good journalism strategy for mobile? How people actually use mobile.”

Guest post: Why liveblogs outperform other online news formats by up to 300%
Daytime news readers – many of them office workers – favor liveblogs of news events over a later write-up. An emerging audience seeking information or distraction for you to tap into.

What kinds of local stories drive engagement? The results of an NPR Facebook experiment
What makes people share specific local news stories? Nine types of tales found to boost sharing – and caring.

Paywalls are a short-term fix, not a long-term solution
To paywall or not to paywall, that is one question. But a yes/no answer isn’t simple. Read this to up your business thinking on ad, app and paid content strategy.

Media Experts Dan Okrent, Jack Shafer, and David Carr Discuss ESPN’s Plagiarism Problem: “If I Were Them, I Would Be Embarrassed”
You know not to cut and paste from Wikipedia, but what’s your plan if a contributor does? Check out this dissection of ESPN’s response to significant plagiarism for handy dos and don’ts.

Deborah Blum, Master of Reinvention!
Countless journalists continue to move to other careers, reluctantly or not. Many have found success. Insight and inspiration to reinvent yourself if you leave the media biz.

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