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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: November 3 – November 15, 2012

New content and paywall platforms offer new options to local publishers. Lessons from Obama’s off-on-the-record flip. Learn to ID fake news photos, and how local is too local? Think again.

HuffPost launches a platform for user-generated reporting
The Huffington Post invites readers to add their own pictures, words and video “to show how issues track across geographical areas.” Potential leads, color and connections for local news.

Obama campaign and Des Moines Register: A form of quote approval
The Obama campaign makes off-the-record talk with newspaper public when called out. Insight into how you can push politicians – and potential limits of off-the-record talks.

Where Can I Find Great Content To Tweet?
The top tip for Twitter newbies: Pick a topic and stick to it. Just step one to building your brand, voice and community in the twitterverse.

Why small news should be big news for local newspapers – mock it at your peril
“The difference between what a trained journalist sees as news and what the local newspaper reader sees as news has the potential to render us irrelevant to our audience.”

How journalists can avoid getting fooled by fake Hurricane Sandy photos
Fake photos from FrankenSandy hold the potential to blow truth apart. Poynter offers tools and techniques for sorting true from false that go beyond this storm season.

Paywall startup Tinypass adds metered subscriptions for small publishers
As paywalls gain traction with major media sites, startup company Tinypass brings small publishers into the game with a menu of metered content options to consider.


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