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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: November 16 – November 29, 2012

Drones and Twitter lay down new challenges to journalism. Creative, ethical ways to break down the traditional business/newsroom wall. And who is a hyperlocal? How fast are the numbers growing?

5 iPad Apps Journalists Should Try For Interviews
Bundling many reporting tasks into one tool: check out these paid and free app options for dictation, recording and taking notes on an iPad.

The Local News: Now Brought To You By Drones?
Journalism students push into unchartered territory – using remote controlled aerial systems to gather pictures for a story. Would you do this?

How News Orgs Break Down the Editorial-Business Wall, Ethically
“Creative, appropriate — and most importantly — ethical ways to blend the business and editorial sides.”

Wilbon on sports writing today: Not as much good stuff as there used to be
Former WP sports writer says social media and multimedia are lowering the quality of sports writing. How do you meet demands of speed and excellence on any beat?

Sizing the Industry: Who Gets Counted as ‘Hyperlocal?’
Streetfight takes a stab at defining “hyperlocal” and points to lists tracking the industry. Check out the comments for more.

Twitter: the future of journalism, or only the bad kind?
Sharks swimming in the New York subway system? Why Twitter is an unreliable wire service and how you can use it to add value.

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