Journalism Accelerator Featured Links May 23 – June 7, 2012

June 8, 2012 in Digest

Great guides to assess ad networks and going mobile, case studies of collaboration and failure, what Warren Buffet sees in small town papers, and research into Twitter’s value as a verifier.

Ford Foundation to fund new LA Times reporters
A new deal with the potential to re-shape traditional business models: A big commercial paper gets a $1 million grant to cover specific beats but with “no [other] strings attached.”

Press Associations Open Their Doors To News Sites
Google rethinks classifications, a “blog” becomes a “news source” and doors to “legitimacy” open. Catch up on state-by-state access digital journos now get to legacy press associations.

PubliCola, 2009-2012: How a Seattle news startup built an audience but not a business
A detailed, behind-the-scenes look at why a news site that seemed to have all in place failed. The founder cites weak business planning and execution.

Why Warren Buffett is buying newspapers
A wide look at the industry shows small town papers still hold “some of their traditional monopoly power.” Will the ability to scale pay dividends for Buffet and local publishers?

Media 99% Special Nationwide Coverage: May Day Protests
Collaboration in action: Two dozen independent media organizations join together for May Day coverage of Occupy events. A case study for large scale, live collaboration.

10 Questions Every Publisher Should Ask Online Ad Networks
Spelling out the hard questions you have to ask, this handy guide makes it easier to pick among the various online ad network offerings.

The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web Infographic
See where mobile is going, why, and what you can do to keep up. A visual shortcut to the heart of a new book by the same name.

Social journalism research helps explain how information is verified on Twitter
Deep research offers insight into the value of public verification. Sorting out facts still crucial: “What has changed is how a journalist does this and where.”

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