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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: March 30 – April 11, 2012

The Investigative News Network offers critical strategies for growing a nonprofit newsroom, Google unveils a new revenue option for web publishers, plus Pew’s State of the Media 2012 is out.

INN Report: Critical Strategies for Growing a Nonprofit Newsroom
A comprehensive overview for “nonprofit news organizations offers tactics for increasing sustainability, developing an audience, and expanding reach for public-interest reporting.”

State Integrity project builds off a nonprofit news network
Rating the corruption risk across 50 states, this project outs open records laws with hundreds of exemptions. Budget decisions made behind closed doors. Ethics panels that haven’t met in years.

Google Unveils New Revenue Option for Web Publishers
AdWeek’s Mike Shields distills down “a microsurvey product that may offer an alternative to paywalls” as evidence “Google really does want to help save the digital publishing business.”

Audit Bureau of Circulations Pushes for Meaningful Metrics on Digital
Newly proposed standards of digital sales counts would affect big magazines; ideas around new content breakdowns may help you figure out fresh ways to mine metrics to attract advertising dollars.

New Nielsen Ratings to Measure TV and Online Ads Together
Finally a new “cross-platform campaign ratings” system with potential to influence how online dollars are directed. Nielsen’s next steps include measuring smartphone and international ad views.

A year into the Times’ digital subscription program, analysts and insiders see surprising success, and more challenges to come
As paywalls gain popularity, one year later NYT finds “people like this so much they’re actually willing to pay for it.” But growing the model “will take significant effort and resources.”

State of the Media 2012: How Community News is Faring
Community news chapter in Pew’s annual media report predicts more niche sites and finds “a clearer sense of what is needed to succeed” including business focus and partnerships. makes curating lists of things simple and interactive for publishers
Capitalize on your content with the lure of lists. A cool new tool; designed to connect with your audience around top tens or other collections. Who doesn’t love a smart list?

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