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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: June 23 – July 6, 2012

Deep thinking on information v. content: who’ll pay for what? Want to work for Warren Buffett? What you might not know about Twitter communities, and tools for revenue and investigations.

What makes something go viral? The Internet according to Gawker’s Neetzan Zimmerman
Worth it? The sole person behind Gawker’s drive for page views with cat videos offers no magic formula, but alone frees up ten reporters for “real work.”

Newspaper Work, With Warren Buffett as Boss
The NYT visits a long-held Buffett paper to predict his management of new properties. “A profitable paper that is run with little involvement from its owner” but not immune to industry pressure.

Why Reporting Is Ripe For Innovation
Facebook’s journalism program manager on the fear that journalism is worse with fewer people on the job. “That’s because the news-gathering model is still being thought about in the old way.”

Why the World’s Most Perfect News Tweet Is Kind of Boring
Useful to read before your next tweet! Serious researchers find an algorithm to predict how widely a news story will spread. Do people share the same links they “eagerly click on”?

Poynter Revenue Camp 2012, Part 1
A peek into NewsU’s latest training on journalism and revenue. “We don’t publish news to make $, we make $ so we can publish news.”

Paying for information versus *access* to information: A key distinction for news publishers
“If you (or your bosses) aren’t finding a solution for making money from news online, maybe you need to ask yourself some fresh questions about the real nature of your business.”

Twitter Offers News Orgs Opportunity to Reach Diverse, Underserved Communities
New Pew study: Twitter is taking hold among people often underserved by news organizations, including African American, young, and low income communities. “These stats scream HUGE OPPORTUNITY…”

Let’s Get This Straight: Information vs. Content
What are you publishing – content or information? founder David Cohn – now with Circa – weighs in on this question: which will people pay for?

Free tools to tackle almost any task, from data wrangling to photo editing
A new list of “powerful” and “essential” data tools, all with a great price tag. From USA Today’s Anthony DeBarros and NPR’s Matt Stiles via Investigative Reporters and Editors.

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