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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: January 19 – 31, 2012

Our regular roundup of timely ideas and information. In this digest: A shift in news culture around paywalls, advice for digital personalization to attract readers, Google’s victory over AP, and more.

Are Newspapers Finally Figuring Out How To Reward Their Best Customers?
Clay Shirky’s take on ads, engagement, paywalls and payoffs across legacy papers offers insight for publishers. A smart synthesis on where the news culture has been and where it may be headed.

You Can’t Spell Media Without “Me”
Check out Ben Elowitz’s Six Elements of Ultimate Digital Personalization. How do you help bring readers’ worlds to them?

How Google beat AP with Iowa caucus results (and why it matters)
“Google’s experiment showed how an innovative technology company can push in on the turf of a venerable news organization that prides itself on getting it first and getting it right.”

The real deal with Groupon
Plenty of publishers make deals part of their business plans. Keep up with market leader Groupon in this 60 Minutes sit-down with founder Andrew Mason.

How FedEx turned a disaster into a PR win
Transparency, humility, and honest intent, delivered right on time. More than a PR win, a cross-sector view of a vital journalism value – let your customers know and trust you.

Tablets Helping Publishers Sell Back Issues
Got older content with great shelf life? Some publishers find the tablet format sparks sales of back issues.

Northwest Trustee Services squeezes more profits from home foreclosures with one-stop model
A fascinating sign of the times: Why a major foreclosure company is buying up local newspapers. “For many small-town papers, foreclosure notices have become one of their largest revenue sources.”

NewsRight: a Game Changer for Online Journalism?
Backed by major media players, NewsRight is an effort to circumvent piracy with tracking technology. Learn where your stories appear, then choose to seek payment or enjoy the promotion.

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