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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: February 28 – March 14, 2012

A longterm newspaper-public radio partnership, The LA Times joins the paywall club, and the search for sustainability even as Bob Garfield calls hyperlocals “doomed.”

Funders and publishers explore the question: What does ‘sustainability’ really mean?
INN and The Patterson Foundation sustainability workshop shows collaboration between funders and publishers may hold new possibilities for journalism.

Pew: News Organizations Struggle With Digital Dollars
Drilling into a legacy media survival strategy, Pew explores how and why print and broadcasters have yet to get advertisers to join them online.

NPR’s Bob Garfield: Hyperlocal News Ventures Doomed
Advocating for “strategic relationships for content and revenue,” On The Media’s co-host says standalone hyperlocals just don’t “make for a sustainable business model.”

AOL may never be able to patch up Patch
Does “the savior of local news” need saving? CNN Money’s take on Patch three years after AOL began investing.

What news projects are community foundations funding?
Wondering how to earn foundation support? Ten project types the Knight Challenge has invested in.

Online Journalism Enterprises: From Startup to Sustainability
More than two dozen local news sites name the business skills they’d like to develop. Two-thirds say they’re at a crossroads for funding.

Los Angeles Times to Add Paywall
You’ll still get 15 stories a month for free. Will paywalls prove themselves this year? Big media players continue the gamble.

A partnership too valuable to give up: Why The Miami Herald and WLRN are sticking together
Cross-media collaboration to mimic – planning ahead for the next market disruption.

Washington Post Co. Decides Slate All Grown Up, Needs Own Ad-Sales Force
Will “moving beyond traditional display advertising…crafting more custom sponsorship packages…13 new employees and a dedicated sales force” deliver?


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