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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: February 1 – 15, 2012

Broadcasting from Google+ and $1 million for public radio innovation in this roundup of not-to-miss-stories. Plus a six point editorial guide helping one newspaper thrive in the digital world.

Localore, a new initiative produced by AIR mediaworks
Public radio breaks new ground, distributing more than $1 million to define a “new, 21st century public media.” Ten projects to watch.

How to manage legacy newspaper’s transformation and adapt to digital disruption
Mapping the road traveled by one newspaper. “The end result? Increased print circulation, Web site traffic, and digital revenue in old and new channels.”

How Google+ Hangouts Are Transforming TV Broadcasting
Could this be a true transformation of television? Giving broadcasters an actual earpiece to hear the community.

Training your ad sales rep
Eleanor Cippel, managing director of (publishing and interactive) sales at E.W. Scripps, offers simple steps to get what you need from the people selling space on your site.

Online Ads Will Waste $12.4 Billion This Year In the U.S.
Online ad spending will exceed print magazine and newspaper ads for the first time this year. With brands anticipated to invest the likes of $12B, what’s the return?

Marketers Lack Standard Social Media ROI Metric
Facebook likes or money? How do you track if social media is worth the time and investment? A survey of 700 marketers found “no standard way to measure social media ROI.”

Sopa and Pipa would create a consumption-only internet
Public pressure by site blackouts put these bills on hold, but Clay Shirky recommends “paying attention… US media firms have cumulatively donated tens of millions of dollars [for the bill]”

What’s in our toolkit for Congressional primaries?
KnightLab presents three ways to “help voters understand what candidates stand for.” Tools to scan candidate social media profiles, coverage across sources and geo-contribution data.

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