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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: August 17 – August 31, 2012

Pressures on political reporters, investigative channeling, a startup that found the right mix of revenue, a new approach to attract local advertising, and two timely tales of woe and warning.

Latest Word on the Trail? I Take It Back
Political reporters increasingly agree to post-quote edits. How does your newsroom manage such ethical pressures?

Forgive us our Press Passes
‘This American Life’ tells the frontline tale of how Journatic outsourced local news. Listen to this to understand why the experiment-gone-wrong is becoming a symbol of our fast-changing times.

The I Files
Collaboration and innovation: A new investigative news channel for your pitches – and to watch for inspiration and information.

Will ‘Breaking Promos’ Help Hyperlocals Bring New Customers to SMBs?
Looking for local ads? Consider experimenting with a “revenue-producing idea for community news sites that may…promise publishers the power to give businesses what they seek…”

Hack of tech journalist reveals flaws in cloud security
A hacking story with timely reminders for reporters and publishers. How do you manage your own online security, and how do you manage your customer data?

Forget display ads: Techically Media’s events-based business model is working
How a trio of j-school grads found a “diverse, sustainable business model” for a local tech news site. Events and consulting bring major revenue, ads and grants round it out.

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