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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links April 27 – May 9, 2012

Evidence that local audiences want hard news, how to collaborate with an eye on your bottom line, a new US law opens new funding opportunities, and tales from the shifting ad landscape.

Collaborating for Dollars: How to Raise Revenue With Others
Practical tips on how collaborating can earn revenue. Make the pie bigger. Get everyone involved to promote and distribute. “Increase efficiencies and decrease costs.”

Pandora Courts Local Advertisers, by Offering Well-Defined Listeners
Pandora challenges local radio where it hurts, telling local advertisers that tracking internet radio listeners delivers far more data than terrestrial broadcasters ever can.

How to Engage Hyperlocal ‘Hard’ News Enthusiasts
New Pew report reveals plenty of people want hard news on local issues. Street Fight says “hyperlocal sites should not look at hard news as journalistic broccoli.”

How Niche Content Sites Can Build And Keep Audiences
CraftGossip founder tells the backstory of this highly successful site, with embedded takeaways any niche publisher can borrow.

US Legalizes Startup Crowdfunding – What It Means for Hyperlocals
The “game changer” JOBS law will open new funding opportunities for startups, including publishers, once all the rules are written. Jump-start your knowledge of crowdfunding basics now.

Business models to monetize publishing in the digital era
Practical for publishers: an in-depth breakdown of revenue models, including subscriptions and freemium content.

Facebook Advertising Rates Skyrocket, CPM Up 41%
Demand pushes up what advertisers will pay on Facebook: “The cost per fan acquired has increased across all territories…” Could this suggest ad rates creeping up across the Web?

Tumblr Announces First Foray Into Paid Advertising
Tumblr turns toward earning revenue from ads, a change from the microblog’s beginnings. Founder David Karp says Google and FB ads “lack creativity.”

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