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Journalism Accelerator Featured Links: April 12 – April 27, 2012

Where record-level startup investments really went in 2011, finding the line between collaboration and competition, and tracking two legacy newspaper trends: paywalls and front page local news.

How West and East Coast dynamics help startups succeed
Philip Moyer reveals an investment footprint of $30B of capital was deployed in 2011, a record year since 2001. And only $11.6 B was invested in Silicon Valley. Curious where the rest of it went?

Why the Denver Post is putting more local news on A1
Metro coverage moves to the front as Denver’s major paper cuts pages. Why? Editor Greg Moore: “That’s the unique, unduplicated content that you can only really get from your local newspaper.”

Hyperlocals Need to Pay Attention to ‘Red Flags’ in User Content
“Copyright law offers some immunity to hyperlocals for content uploaded by the user…” but keep an eye on the Viacom v. YouTube lawsuit for potential wide-reaching judgments.

Wait, so how many newspapers have paywalls?
150 or 300? Help in tracking this clearly growing trend. “Turns out the lesson here is one we keep learning again and again: The news business is changing, and it’s changing fast.”

How sales and marketing can collaborate in social business
Publishers and the B2B world may have more in common than you think. Market disruption by way of social collaboration offers important lessons in connecting with your community.

Welcome to Wall Street: The Instagram Buy Is All About Facebook’s Investors
A bottom-line analysis of $1B buy reveals the biggest players in the market still need to keep it fresh. Question is: can “Facebook…open new revenue streams even as its user growth levels off”?

Display Ads All Grown Up
Google AdWords Display Network just turned nine years old. ClickZ’s Lisa Raehsler, search engine marketing expert, helps us understand how this plays to content producer’s core strengths.

Collaboration, Competition and Consolidation: Where Is the Line?
Josh Stearns draws a line between collaboration and consolidation as “a partnership among separate and independent entities…” The other “results in one news organization co-opting another.”

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