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The Twitter conversion of a local news anchor, when editors beat algorithms, dissecting the value of content subscriptions, and what journos really should know about the business they’re in.

‘Silver Fish Handcatch!’: Detroit Anchor Uses Twitter To Engage TV Audience

Many news outlets use social media like Facebook or Twitter to connect with their audience. But a Detroit TV anchor “may have found a way to translate those clicks and tweets into viewership.”

Techmeme founder: Give me human editors and the New York Times

For any journalist worried about being replaced by cyborgs: Tech guru Gabe Rivera pushes algorithms to shape news coverage but says audiences respond to a human editor’s touch.

Hello to Symbolia: New iPad-only comics journalism magazine launches today

Looking for new ways to draw an audience? Symbolia went iPad-only to cover serious news by serious graphic artists. Can you fit this in your media landscape?

The science of content subscriptions: Understanding lifetime customer value and price power

Will online subscriptions save you? Think long term: each new subscriber doesn’t create profit overnight. This breaks down the recoup costs.

Why journalists should explore the business side of news

Journalists have contributed much to the technological advancements of the field over the past decade, but why aren’t journos on the cutting edge of business advancements, too?

Tabloid photographers defend colleague who snapped ‘Post’ subway horror shot

Add to your thinking or newsroom discussion about the infamous NY Post photo of a man about to be hit by a train these views of veteran photogs defending the shot and publication.

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