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More jobs, higher profits and a record amount of local TV news.

2011 TV and Radio News Staffing and Profitability Survey

The latest RTDNA/Hofstra University Annual Survey found that 2010 marked a turnaround year for local TV news. Stations added 750 jobs last year, recovering all the losses of 2009 (400 jobs lost) and making a dent in the 1,200 jobs lost in 2008. In fact, the survey found that anticipated hiring in 2011 could bring the industry back to its precrash peak by the start of 2012.” Source: Radio Television Digital News Association

The survey includes:

Part I: More Jobs, Higher Profits in TV News
Part II: Record Amount of Local News Produced on TV
Part III: Stations Sharing Content, Resources
Part IV: Increasing Maturity for Local News on the Web
Part V: Changing Social Media Landscape for TV & Radio
Part VI: Sharp Rise in TV & Radio News Salaries
Part VII: Mixed News for Women & Minorities in TV, Radio News

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