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  • Don’t forget when pursuing greater representation among minority journalists, about the need to respectfully and accurately portray the disability community by including these perspectives in the newsroom. As a woman on the autism spectrum as well as a professional journalist, it matters to me that unidentified sources were permitted to “diagnose”…[Read more]

  • Anne, I have a Linked In profile and I see that you do as well. I use it to showcase my work history and skills. I also joined Linked In groups that interest me in areas of journalism, social media and libraries. I’ve begun participating in the new social ability to “endorse” people’s skills. I […]

  • Responding to the question about the point of when it is worth it to invest in a social media management system: I do not see the need for myself given the small-scale of my volunteer activities. And by trying and using the free tools for myself, I reap the additional benefit of gaining an additional […]

  • Alright, my friends, i need to leave but have enjoyed talking with you. I’ll check back to this chat page later for any outstanding comments. My thanks to everyone for participating.